Monday, March 7, 2011

This Week In Non-House Hugh Laurie: Friends

Alright, at first I was going to say a few words about how Friends is one of those shows that my hate-all-things-popular nature wants desperately to despise but can't help liking. But once again this train of thought was derailed by the fact that every clip featuring Hugh Laurie's guest spot on Friends has had its embedding disabled on YouTube.

So now I'm going to ask a simple question: Why do you assholes keep doing that?? I understand that TV and film studios often demand that clips be taken down due to copyright violations, but why is it that we can leave a clip up but make it so that you can't embed it? I'm honestly asking here because I can't count how many time's I've had a clip that I wanted to share and took the time to come up with some terribly witty things to say about it, only to have my plans obliterated because I couldn't embed the damn thing. And if anyone tells me that maybe I should check to see if I can use the clip before I start coming up with something to say about it, I say screw you, buddy, I shouldn't have to put extra effort or forethought into anything. Ever!

Now I'm going to have to be extra clever and come up with a way around my inability to embed a clip. Therefore, if you still give enough of a crap about the dumbass Friends clip to want to watch it, click on Hugh Laurie's ever-put-upon face to link over to YouTube.


  1. Being fairly new to this blog game. I was incredibly proud when i figured out how to put clips on my efforts. Like you The actual ratio of clips i wanna put on to those i can is about 10:1 hey ho.

  2. I know, I thought I had unlocked the secrets of the universe when I found the embedding coding. Now we need to look into the secrets of re-enabling embedding.

  3. May have to give that one a miss still trying to figure out what a meta tag code thing is Grumpy lol

  4. Meta tag code...did you just string three random words together?