Monday, March 21, 2011

Choose Who Is Next For "This Week In Non..."

Ok, guys. I'm super excited. For the very first time I get to utilize the Blogger Poll Gadget. You see I got a few good suggestions for my next "This Week in Non..." subject, and I want to hear which one you'd like to hear about. Here are the suggestions that I got.

Anonymous wants me to do a round with Leslie Nielsen. He/she pointed to Frank Drebin as his most well-known character, so I'd be looking at some of his other work, both serious and funny. Pros: having just passed away, this would be a chance to do a brief retrospective of his work. Plus, any time I get an excuse to watch clips from Airplane! Cons: everyone and their mother has done a Leslie Nielsen tribute since he recently died.

Tom suggested Keanu Reeves, pointing out that no matter what role he plays, he is portraying Keanu Reeves. Pros: this is an interesting choice, because I contend that I can come up with at least one role where Reeves is completely unrecognizable. Cons: it will be difficult for me to look at any role and not have someone else contend that he's still just playing Keanu Reeves.

And lastly, J_Fellenbaum suggested that I "Do a chick that is hot. Like Gillian Anderson hot." So I'm going to take that as he wants me to do a segment on the woman who plays Dana Scully on the X-Files. Pros: I really don't know much about Gillian Anderson's career, so I might find a hidden gem that no one knows about. Cons: I find it hard to believe that anyone else in the world would use the phrase "Gillian Anderson" as the top of their hot scale. But know Mr. Fellenbaum like I do, I can't say it's too surprising, and I love him for it.

So there are your choices. Click which one you'd most like to see on the poll to your right. I'll let people choose through next Monday, giving me a week to get started before the first Monday in April. The idea will be that I'll do a new person each month, so keep your ideas coming in the comments section as well. And just know that if no one participates in the poll, I am very sensitive and my feelings will be badly hurt indeed.


  1. Leslie Nielsen was one of the funniest actors ever. He could do a joke with a deadpan face like no other. I have to vote for him.
    RIP Leslie!

  2. I'm changing my vote to Leslie Nielsen for the very reasons you mentioned-to be able to see some old Airplane clips.

  3. Bloody hell, that poll thing is briliant - I have just voted. Can you do a blog post teaching other bloggers how to put it on their site?

    P.S. I voted for Leslie Neilson. I wouldn't boff him but I reckon he has an interesting past ;-)

  4. While the use of the poll is creative, the true reason a poll was put in place was so that grumpy could take a few days off from posting. Lazy. What will your 8 followers do with no new material?

  5. Steve--Yeah it looks like Leslie is in the lead. Which is good for me as it'll be easier to find material on him.

    Tom--Keanu's feelings are going to be very hurt....or they would be if he had any.

    Anne--Polling is actually really easy. It's one of the gadgets you can use in your post design. Great way of making it seem like you actually know what you're doing.

    J_Fellenbaum--Oh know you've cracked this thing wide open. You know if you'd like to see more content than you could always contribute.

  6. Leslie is your man the x files is like so old news!

  7. I voted for Gillian so you can post links to naked pictures of her. If there are any. Saves me some time.

  8. Dexter--Sorry Dexter I'm pushing for Leslie Nielsen. But I'll post naked pictures of him if I find any. Actually no, I probably won't be doing that.