Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well maybe I shouldn't have come at all.........JERK OFF!

The capacity for cable guys to be unrepentant, lazy scumbags was always one of those things that I thought was embellished over the years by customers who couldn't stand to wait for a few minutes for their service. I mean, they have like a four hour window. How can they not be on time? But then I got a place of my own and waited for the cable guy for the first time. And I waited. And waited. And when I realized that my cable company's promotional offer was going to fucking end by the time this guy arrived to install it, it occurred to me that perhaps there was some truth to the theory that cable installers really just didn't give a shit.

But in a move that I hope will find its way in my town soon, New York is instituting late fees for cable companies whose installers don't show up within their appointment window. That is just splendiforous. I can only hope they take that shit right out of the cable guy's paycheck.

Although, I must admit I do see a drawback to this plan. As if New York wasn't already dangerous enough for pedestrians, what with cabbies and tow truck drivers cutting a swath of destruction through the streets, now you have to worry about a Cablevision van pasting your ass into the pavement. But hell, I think it's worth it for the chance to get a month's worth of free cable.

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  1. I think the problem is that the training class they go to runs over and that's why they are late. Because everyone one of them is always late and they also always act as if mine is their first installation. Ever.