Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Proof That OK Go Should Be Producing All Future Music Videos. For Everyone. Ever.

OK Go could have so easily been a gimmicky one-hit wonder. In fact, when "Here It Goes Again" came out, I thought to myself, "You know, Self, that is pretty cool how they hop around on treadmills like that, and the song is actually pretty catchy. But I doubt we'll be hearing about them in the future. They got lucky once and will now fade back into obscurity. I know, Self, I've got a good beat on popular culture. I'm amazed more people don't listen to me."

But then came "This Too Shall Pass," and myself said, "You know, it looks like these guys actually pretty damn good at what they do. Not only do they come up with some really creative performance art for their videos, but their songs are really good. It's not as if they're covering up mediocre music with some pretty visuals." I, of course, told myself that know one cares what he thinks and that he can fuck off.

But with "White Knuckles," OK Go's newest video, I've really got to give them credit. I'd pretty much given up on music videos at this point, so it's pretty great to see a band who hasn't given up on it that can still get it right. And again, the music is just as good as the video, pulling off the monumental feat of making a sourpuss like me nod his head and tap his toes. Plus, I can only imagine the number of takes they must have gone through to get trained dogs to cooperate for a three and a half minute, single take shot. That's devotion to your craft right there.

So perhaps I've got to start giving myself a little credit. Sometimes he knows what he's talking about.


  1. I think my favourite part of the White Knuckles video is the random appearance of a goat on a leash around the 2:45 mark!

  2. Haha wow I missed that the first time. That's great.