Friday, September 3, 2010

Have a Groovy Labor Day

With Labor Day coming up I'm taking a trip with Ms. Grump down to Rehoboth Beach to get my camp on. Before I go, however, I wanted to direct you to an interview I read this morning that Bruce Campbell did with the LA Times. Campbell, of course, is Ashley "Ash" Williams, the man behind the S-Mart smock in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy. And if you don't know what I'm talking about there, please just do me a favor and leave right now.

The interview is great, if for nothing else than to see that it seems Campbell has basically become Ash over the years. He's a bit more subtle, perhaps, but he's got that bit of an arrogant swagger that you just can't help but love. Plus, in the interview, he addresses the fact that there have been about 314 different releases of the Evil Dead movies, with the latest being the new Blu-Ray edition.

Enjoy the interview, and a few of Ash's greatest hits from Army of Darkness below. I'm out, bitches.


  1. Nothing like an Ash montage to brighten up the weekend! Have a good one.