Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well-Respected Sites Are Ripping Off Stupid Ideas That I Stole From Other People

As proof that either I'm ahead of the curve or that I just write about piddling crap that everyone else has already talked about (I'll let you decide) the Onion's A.V. Club recently did an interview with William "Johnny Lawrence" Zabka, the very man whose work I recently did a very analytical, high-brow post on a few weeks ago. I just wanted to draw your attention to the interview because it's actually pretty interesting to get his take on the roles that he's worked on. The A.V. Club talks to guys like Zabka pretty regularly in their "Random Roles" segment, which I think is fascinating because they only talk to "those guys" whose faces everyone knows but whose name no one except geeks like me would ever even care to know. Plus, you'll usually get some insight on some of the higher profile actors in the business (aka are they assholes). Take a look, it's pretty cool.

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