Monday, March 29, 2010


Apparently, I'm a bit of a whiner. I've come to this realization after my twelfth incredibly witty comment about a t.v. spot for Miley Cyrus' latest poopfest, The Last Kiss. Actually, I came to this realization directly after that comment, when my fiancee calmly and politely asked me to shut the fuck up for Christ's sake. She then sarcastically mentioned that I should start a blog, so I decided that I would because screw her I can start a blog if I want to.

The only problem is that I'm pretty boring. I can't imagine my job is interesting to anyone but me (and even that's stretching it at times), and even if it was I probably wouldn't be able to keep it very long if I started bitching about it in a blog. I don't have too many interesting name-dropping stories, I'm obviously not much a wordsmith, and I'm certainly not creative enough for celebrity porn fiction. So, I'm fairly certain this blog will serve little purpose other than as a platform for me to whine about insignificant crap that my fiancee no longer wants to hear about. If you want to hear about it, fantastic. If not, then at least I'll have a quiet space to vent without making those around me want to commit ritual suicide.


  1. i thought the reason you made her your fiancee was to be able to screw her...